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会社情報  About AquaIDEA Japan

1999 年香港での創業以来、AquaIDEA は水中照明器具のデザインと製造一筋に歩み続けております。多くのお客様にご愛顧をいただき、今日まで発展することができました。当社の更なる発展を目指し、本社を 2020 年より日本に移転し、工場を設立いたしました。「日本製」ならではの高品質な製品の生産のみならず、最先端の技術を、お客様により一層ご満足いただけるよう、毎年3種類の新製品の開発に励んでおります。



Established in Hong Kong, 1999, AquaIDEA is a brand of underwater LED lighting that is recognized worldwide.  With our headquarters now based in Tokyo, Japan, we have set up a new manufacture plant allowing us to strive for excellence and continue to develop high quality products.  We endeavor to design and release 3 new products annually to provide our customers with current market requirements and state of the art technology.  We are actively seeking business partners to distribute our products into the marine and swimming pool industry.  Innovative production sectors are also welcome.

AquaIDEA China
AquaiDEA Factory photo.jpg


Located in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province is specialized in the manufacturing of high quality swimming pool lighting from all ranges at affordable prices.

AquaIDEA Egypt


Located in Cairo, the capital of Egypt is our sales and customer service center.  Our multilingual team members who speak English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Arabic and German are always ready for serving customers all over the world.

AquaIDEA Australia

クイーンズランド州のゴールドコーストに位置し、当社のプール、船舶用製品を小売店様、プール及びヨットをご所有のお客様に直接販売するのが主な業務です。お客様と触れ合い、「ローカルサービス・ローカルナレッジ 」を念頭に置き、ご満足いただけるよう日々努めております。


Located in Gold Coast, Queensland is our direct distributing point of our pool and marine lighting products to retail shops, and pool and yacht owners.  With personal contact of our customers, we endlessly put our effort into providing the best for satisfying their needs as we believe in “Local Service, Local Knowledge”.

AquaIDEA Hong Kong

新界サイコンは、当社の研究開発チームと中国営業チームの拠点です。最先端の技術に追い付き、お客様により一層ご満足いただけるよう、毎年 3 種類の新製品を開発することに励んでおります。


Located in Sai Kung, the New Territories is the base of our Research & Development team, as well as the sales team for the China market.  Our pledge is to develop 3 new items annually for catching up with the state-of-the-art technology and ever-changing needs of our customers.

Our slogan: “Focus on Aqua, Keep Hard on IDEA”.  We are AquaIDEA.

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